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Welcome to HNT Antennas, we are a company founded in Uppsala, Sweden 2021 to support the expansion of the Helium network. We are firm believers that Helium will revolutionize the adaption of IoT devices more into everyday life. 

It is our passion to provide you with all the required information in a simple, uncomplicated manner and the best high quality products for your Helium mining needs. That is why we created our all in one antenna kits, so that you won't have to go through the time consuming hassle of looking everything up on your own and making sure every cable and screw is compatible. You can find the antenna kit customization tool here.

All our products undergo a series of rigorous tests to ensure top quality and are custom made to fit most Helium Miners including Bobcat, RAK v1 and v2, MNTD, Syncrobit, Nebra indoor, LongAP light, Linxdot, Sensecap M1, Heltec and many more. You can learn more about our products here.


Customer always first

Our main goal is to provide our customers with the best possible service and utmost care. If you ever have any questions or would run into some trouble, know our team is always here for you.

Our products are CE certified and meet EU safety, health and environmental protection requirements.

We hope to bring our products to everyone in Europe to contribute for a better future for sustainable crypto mining and IoT devices.


“It should be easy to create an optimal mining setup”

HNT Antennas started 2021 by two M.Sc. engineering students when they discovered the hassle of finding all the necesseary equipment for helium antennas. They wanted to gather all the information and high quality products in one place to make it easy for you.

When we started with Helium mining and had ordered our first hotspots we quickly discovered the confusing maze of information of how to create the optimal setup to maximize rewards with the necessary equipment.

HNT Antennas offers fast shipping within EU and is located in Uppsala, Sweden. Our three main principles are customer, quality, simplicity.

We would love to hear more from you. If you have any questions or would like to collaborate, please drop us an email at

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